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Are You Interested in Health Policy?

The College of Nursing, Law, and the Department of Public Health offer an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in health policy for graduate students from all disciplines with an interest in issues related to health and health care. The aim of the program is to prepare leaders, practitioners, researchers, and educators from nursing, public health, and other disciplines to be active in all aspects of policymaking. Course experiences will foster the examination and application of current policy research and the development of skills related to policy analysis, research, program evaluation, and advocacy.

Requirements: A minimum of four courses will be required for the certificate:
1.Nursing 612: Health and Policy/Planning-3 hours
2.Public Health 520: Public Health Policy and Adminsitration-3 hours
3.Preceptorship in Health Policy (e.g., Nursing 614- Preceptorship in Health Policy; Public Health 589-Internship; or similar approved course)-3 hours minimum; students must complete a preceptorship arranged with a faculty member, health agency, or other organization involved in health policy programs. Under the supervision of a faculty member and in collaboration with a preceptor, the student will design and implement a specific project. The student is responsible for defining objectives, outlining deliverables, and selecting an evaluation method for the preceptorship experience. In addition, the student must submit Progress Reports on a bi-weekly basis to the faculty advisor and will complete a Final Report or reflective paper in order to receive credit for the preceptorship.
4.Elective(s)-3 hours minimum; selected in consultation with departmental advisor

Certificate candidates must currently be admitted to a graduate program at the university or hold a terminal degree and be a graduate student in good standing and comply with all other applicable academic policies. Total hours may vary based on the student’s academic record, experiences, and objectives. Each student will be assigned a departmental advisor while enrolled in the certificate program.

If you need further information about the certificate program: Please contact the appropriate departmental advisor:
Law-Carol Parker at;
Public Health: Paul C. Erwin at
Nursing & all other depts/colleges-Carole R. Myers at

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